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Collection of bulky items

Bulky waste is waste that is not taken care of by the normal household waste service because of its weight and volume. 

  • This may include: furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards etc),
  • mattresses, bed bases,
  • large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines etc).

Once a month a collection of this waste is organised in Lauzun and to benefit from it you just have to make a request to the town hall. You will be asked to specify the contents of the bulky items to be collected. As soon as there is enough bulky waste to fill the truck, a date defined by the Town Hall will be given to you and the municipal employees will come and collect this waste at your home.

Some waste, although bulky, is not considered bulky and must be taken to the waste disposal centre:

  • rubble 
  • green waste (grass clippings, branches)
  • tyres (these must be taken back free of charge by your garage)
  • gas cylinders (must be taken back free of charge by the seller or handed in at the collection point)
  • vehicles (must be handed over to a licensed professional)