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The Canteen

The years go by and the directives follow one another, especially concerning the supply of school canteens, leading to changes in the menu and in the circuit of service providers supplying our school.

A vegetarian meal is served to the children once a week.

Always giving priority to the supply of our local merchants, we have however set up a partnership with the "Boite à légumes" (Soumensac) in 2021, in order to have the guarantee to be delivered with fruits and vegetables from local and organic production, as far as it is possible.

This year, organic products had to be integrated in the composition of the meals up to 20% minimum. We have therefore turned to "Laur'en vrac", a mobile shop present every Thursday in Lauzun. The products concerned range from legumes such as lentils to vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.) and fruit (apples), depending on the menus proposed. As with all orders placed, these are delivered directly to the canteen and everything goes perfectly.

It is important to know that this year, out of 84 students enrolled in the school, between 75 and 80 children have lunch at the canteen every day. We have the privilege of having two canteen workers who prepare the meals on the spot from the starter to the dessert, avoiding ready-made dishes. The menus they design combine balance and variety. Each week, a vegetarian menu is proposed and this year, on the occasion of the European month in May, the children were able to discover specialities from different countries.

The preparation and the tasting of all these delicious dishes are carried out following the concept of eco-citizenship progressively set up in the school to sensitize the children (recycling, stop wasting...). In fact, despite the volume of material to be worked on due to the number of daily meals, very little waste is generated since, on average, about 500g of organic material (including peelings and leftover meals) is deposited in the compost, respecting the process required to bring about proper decomposition.

After having put in place all the measures to offer quality meals, we are working in parallel on the renovation and enlargement of the dining hall so that the children can have lunch in a spacious and pleasant setting, allowing for a service in the best conditions, because beyond the quality and quantity of meals, the lunch break must also be a source of conviviality. 

Canteen rate: 2.60 per meal