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With four churches, the municipality also has four cemeteries. 
Apart from the one in the village itself, at the foot of the village, the other three are next to the churches in the hamlets of Saint Nazaire and Queyssel, or the one in Saint Macaire, its chapel. Places of remembrance and meditation for the families and loved ones of the deceased, these places are also remarkable for their charm in the countryside.
Since its installation, the new municipal council has programmed development work for the Queyssel and Saint Nazaire cemeteries, in order to improve their accessibility and the surrounding parking capacities. Plots of land have been acquired from local residents who have kindly agreed to allow these improvements, which are useful to families and during burials. 
In the town cemetery, work has been carried out to channel run-off water and allow better maintenance of the central path and perpendicular paths. A programme to renew the planting will soon be undertaken.